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Dan Beauvais, Masters Social Work - Dalhousie University, Registered Social Worker (Reg.# 09869), Registered Clinical Counsellor (Reg.# 3658)
Men, Couples, Youth - Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Fear

Dan Beauvais has been providing clinical counselling in various settings for over 30 years. He works with a broad spectrum personal challenges supporting individuals, couples and families. The landscape of Dan's professional work includes extensive practice with family service agencies, acute rehab, and psychiatry. His many years of service have helped shape his therapeutic insights and intuitive sensibility.

As a registered clinical counsellor, Dan has a solid foundation in therapeutic work. He relies on Narrative Collaborative Therapies that see individuals as experts in their own lives. Narrative work views problems separate from people, and believes that they have many skills and abilities to address these challenges. Individuals and couples often find that they are living within a problem saturated story, and struggle to find their preferred way of being. Most individuals, however, with support know their preferred way of being and know what needs to take place to action positive change.

On a personal, note Dan is a long-time resident on the North Shore. He has been married for 26 years, and is raising two daughters ages 12 and 16. He enjoys playing tennis and staying physically active.

Q: How can I can deal with this problem; I've tried everything.

A: When I meet with individuals I often hear that they have tried everything to make a positive change or feel better. Individuals seeking counselling often are looking for a medicalized way of being treated. For example, give me the answer, pill, or technique to make me feel better. When people live within problem saturated stories, they lose the ability to identify inherent strategies of change or wellness that they have used before. Narrative therapy helps individuals re-author these stories so they can identify pathways to that preferred way of being.

Q: I need help because I feel unhappy all the time.

A: Narrative work is a process that takes into account the impact that community has on individuals. People seeking counselling support often engage in a process of critical self-judgment and self-surveillance. Indeed, when individuals get caught up in negative self-talk, comparing themselves to others, or unrealistic standards, the constant chatter will leave people feeling bad and with low self-esteem. Narrative work helps individuals to uncover strategies that they can use to defend against the intrusion, and develop deeper awareness of how community can negatively impact our sense of well-being.

Mary Anne Lloyd, PhD, Registered Psychologist (Reg.# 696) in British Columbia and Licensed Psychologist in the State of Washington (Lic.# 1051)
Adults and Teens - Major Life Changes, Grieving

* As a Registered Psychologist, she accepts Extended Health Benefit payments.

Sometimes it's nice to speak to someone who hasn't known us - someone who has learned from seeing many people with many problems from all walks of life, who is compassionate, but objective.

Therapists learn from those we see. I feel like my office is full of tools, techniques, phrases, thoughts, experiences, and stories of clients I have been privileged to know. What has worked, what to expect, how to get through the really hard times, how everyone is different and how we all hold different "truths" about ourselves. Discovery and creativity are ongoing, and treatment has to be customized for each person.

With that in mind, I work with those who are dealing with the following:

  • Grief
  • Caretaking
  • Loss of job
  • Change in relationship
  • Difficult life changes

Anxiety and Depression can really affect our lives. Sometimes it helps to know that they have many factors and causes - they are not just difficult emotions. If we think of changing one factor at a time, the goal of being free of them feels attainable.

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks have unique difficulties. However, there are specific techniques to reduce them, particularly relating to the control we have, anticipation of the attacks, how we think about them, what's going on in our lives presently, and perhaps from the past.

When possible, I will work out of the office with my clients. For instance, I will drive with you if you have a driving phobia. I have also on occasion used my horse in therapy sessions.

I have four sons who have taught me a lot about life - and therapy. In my spare time I play violin and walk our playful, and sometimes well-behaved, Australian Shepherds in the mountains of North Vancouver.

Mary Anne Lloyd, PhD, has maintained a successful practice in North Vancouver and the Seattle area for 30 years. She earned her degree in 1976 and has worked at Lion's Gate Hospital and in substance abuse treatment. She has taught at the University level, presented workshops on Anxiety and Stress management, worked with children with Tourettes Syndrome, and most recently was a founding member of Kiara, an equine support therapy for those touched by cancer.

Henry M. Boudin, Registered Psychologist (Reg.# 643) in British Colombia and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Washington (Lic.# 1001), M.Sc Special Education Behavioral Disorders - Syracuse University, PhD Clinical Psychology - University of Michigan
Aspergers Syndrome - Diagnosis and Treatment, Adolescent Issues

Henry Boudin, PhD, has had a rich career as a Clinical Psychologist. While in graduate school at the University of Michigan, he worked with the Headstart Program in Mississippi during the Civil Rights era. After graduation he was awarded a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, DC to direct an innovative Drug Treatment program. The success of the program prompted presentations, workshops, and the development of prototypes of his program throughout the US and Canada.

Returning to Montreal, his hometown, Dr. Boudin worked as the Psychologist at a large Psychiatric Hospital. He moved to Vancouver where he worked at Lions Gate Hospital, the Columbia Pain Centre, and was Acting Director of the Psychology Department of Vancouver General Hospital.

For the past 25 years he has had a very successful private practice in Seattle, WA. He also works in New Westminster as a Forensic Psychologist under contract to Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services, assessing and treating young offenders.

Dr. Boudin has developed a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of Aspergers Syndrome, a disorder characterised by difficulty with social context, leading to misunderstood behavior, and social isolation, as well as panic attacks, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorders. He works with children with Aspergers and their families, and adults who have the disorder. He finds it useful to coordinate treatment with teachers, and others who are involved along the lifeline of Aspergers clients. In 2001 he was awarded Best Psychologist of the Year from the Autism Society of the State of Washington.

Dr. Boudin also works with individuals and couples with relationship difficulties. He sees children, adolescents, and adults for general mental health issues.

He lives on the North Shore and plays jazz saxophone professionally in his spare time.

Louise Shipway,
Birkman Certified, Career Management Consultant

Louise Shipway is an award-winning HR Leader, Interim Executive Director, and independent Career Management Consultant with a successful record of realizing beneficial business outcomes for Fortune 500 clients and their people in an increasingly fluid global marketplace.

Louise has extensive experience of operating in an international environment with multicultural teams, and is an influential consultant, comfortable operating at Board level. She has delivered career transition and organizational consultancy services across Canada for major companies across a wide range of sectors.

In her corporate role as Area Personnel Manager with UK-based Boots the Chemist Ltd, she led a team of HR specialists to develop and implement a highly innovative people strategy in support of their long-term business plans. Louise was subsequently appointed Director, Human Resources (and interim Executive Director) with the Health & Home Care Society of British Columbia (formerly VON BC) where she both introduced and directed the organization's HR specialty.

Recognising that people are at the core of any organization's success, and that happy people are productive people, she understands the importance of achieving personal fulfilment through identifying a vocation or a career goal and by securing work in the chosen area. Louise can support and enable her client to navigate this process by designing an end-to-end career development programme through transition. Who may benefit from Louise's assistance include (but are not limited to) those:

  • Unhappy at work or in a stalemate position, and needing to make a significant decision about what to do for personal fulfilment and alignment with lifestyle and personal values
  • Seeking career advancement
  • Determining a career focus with a generalist background and a wide range of skills
  • Students choosing subjects to study that will focus on a career direction
  • Returning to work after an extended absence
  • Under stress and desiring improvement in life and work performance
  • Ready to slow the work pace but are not ready to retire
  • Wanting assistance with job search techniques such as resume writing, interview skills and how to find work in the current economy

Louise is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CFCIPD, UK) and a Canadian Registered Professional Recruiter. She is the Regional Director, British Columbia, on the national board of the IPM - Institute of Professional Management. She holds a Post-Bachelor's Diploma in HR Management from the University of Salford (UK), and is certified in personality and occupational testing. She has professional interests in many aspects of people and organisation development, specifically but not exclusively: career development & management, international mobility, remuneration benchmarking, talent acquisition & retention, global recruitment and executive coaching.