About Beverley Pugh

"Every joy is gain. And gain is gain, however small."
- Robert Browning

Beverley has been a practicing counsellor for over 30 years. She has worked extensively in Canada, Australia, Japan, and Thailand. Beverley currently has a full-time practice on the North Shore. Beverley has a highly intuitive ability to help people uproot core issues that are holding them back from moving forward to where they want to be in terms of their own self-growth. She works extensively with couples and families and individuals with numerous presenting issues. She has a very broad tool base and is able to creatively match clients up with the tools that would be the best for them. Her client base consists of individual, couples, family, anxiety, addictions, grief, depression, pain management, multicultural, workplace and others.

Beverley specialized in addictions in Ontario, Canada for 9 years. She conducted educational programs for the community as well as worked closely with the police to facilitate appropriate treatment for addicts.

Beverley moved to Vancouver and worked at the Columbia Centre for Pain and Stress. She was in charge of the psychological components of pain complaints. She also conducted educational programming. For 10 years Beverley had a full-time private practice on the North Shore liaising closely with doctors in the areas of relationships, anxiety, depression, pain, grief and addictions.

Beverley is certified in the areas of Hypnosis, Gestault Therapy, and Satir Communication Therapy. She ran hypnosis programs to help people stop smoking, lose weight, and build confidence.

Beverley then worked overseas for 15 years. She spent 4 years in Australia as Manager for the State of New South Wales for CPS Counselling Services. She was in charge of all programming related to pain and stress management. Her responsibilities included supervision of all counsellors working in that area. Beverley then moved to Japan, working first in Yokohama, and then Tokyo. She worked at the Tokyo Community Counselling Center and then moved into the position of assistant director. She ran educational programs for the community on multi-cultural components in relationships, as well as parenting courses for parents with children under the age of 15. During this time Beverley gained extensive knowledge in the areas of trauma, stress, relationship counselling, and sexual abuse. Beverley then opened up her own thriving practice for the foreign community, specializing in family and relationship growth issues.

After leaving Japan, Beverley then spent 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand where she designed and implemented counselling programs for the expat community in the areas of parenting, marital and stress management. She also transferred her experience in the area of stress to do volunteer work in Northern Thailand for AIDS.

In 1998 Beverley came back to Vancouver and started her current private practice on the North Shore.

As an inspirational teacher and psychotherapist, Beverley has conducted community workshops in a series called ‘The Mastery of Health and Happiness’. In her first series, ‘Foundational Principles for Optimum Emotional and Mental Health’, she provides action steps for cultivating health and happiness. In her second series, ‘Releasing Repetitive Thoughts for Effective Practices’, she addresses releasing strategies for the busy mind. In her third series, ‘Feeling Calm Within’, she shares meditation exercises to clear mental chatter and maintain perspective. Beverley also teaches mindfulness.

Most recently Beverley has created a series of workshops for children and their parents called ‘The Laughing and Breathing Belly’. The intent is to start children early in developing a tool kit that leads to self-management and self-empowerment. Contact bev@beverleypugh.com to learn more.

On a personal level, Beverley has been in a 30‐year long partnership and has 2 adult children ages 20 and 22. She is physically active and especially enjoys being outdoors and creating joy and laughter in her life and in the lives of others.